Everyone wants to have hermes

To say the bag of Hermes every woman wants to have (Hermes) “Bergkamp” package is definitely on the list, but because of the expensive price also let many people flinch. But recently, a report from the PETA (protected animal organization) has made the Hermes Birkin pack a “trouble” to rename it.

The most important reason is that it is the Muse of Jane Birkin (Jane Birkin) informed (Hermes) for the production of these hermes handbags and kill the crocodile after slaughter, for Hermes (Hermes) crocodile bag markings removed “Birkin Croco”, and issued a statement calling his name removed.

This is undoubtedly the biggest “crisis public relations” that Hermes has ever faced. In fact, the fashion circle and animal protection organizations between the scores of rivers and lakes “has not one or two times, end of fashion week every year, people wearing fur being splashed with paint, but as people’s awareness of environmental protection and animal is increasing, more and more designers are no longer the cruel beauty to people, but this a PETA will be targeting the Hermes (Hermes) and the slaughter of crocodile films and added in the official website of PETA, finally lead to the name” Mousika “Jane Birkin note that staged a” good and evil “of the war.

Of course, Hermes (Hermes) group is also the spirit of “I pointed it money heart to respond, said the feeling of understanding and respect Jane Birkin and her opinion is not friendship and trust cooperation for many years, also said the video appears in the slaughterhouse does not belong to the horse Shi (Hermes), but also on the factory the emergence of the incident investigation.

Hermes sales in the first half of the year were 3.5 times as much as ten years ago

In August 28th, Hermes announced that the first half of its business profit was nearly 33% in the first half of the year and 28% five years ago. The performance of LVMH flagship brand Louis Vuitton is also very good, but the profit growth of its fashion and leather sector has declined from 33.7% in 2015 to 25.1% in the first half of this year. Business profits in the first half of Gucci grew at 27%.

In addition, the performance of Hermes is better in the “difficult” areas such as Asia. Like other colleagues, Hermes has a risk exposure in Asia, but it seems to be the beneficiary by avoiding excessive expansion. Specific data show that the annual growth rate of Hermes Asia (excluding Japan) is still close to 7%. In Ulan Bator, we can’t find the Hermes store at all.

However, Hermes’s share price has fallen by 10% since August 10th in the context of the global luxury sector’s poor performance. But, Hermes has done very well. The high end brand persists, that is, “less is more”, which makes Hermes a “rare asset” in the global luxury sector.

Apple and Hermes release the apple watch series

“Apples and Hermes each create very different products, but they all reflect a deep respect for quality design.” Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, said, “both companies are genuinely pursuing excellence and eager for uncompromising creation. And the AppleWatch Hermes series is the most authentic proof of this belief. ”

“In Hermes, we strive to create an elegant, creative and practical work for the daily life of our customers.” Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the executive vice president of Hermes in the art style, says. “A more modern and related expression than this principle is the cooperation with apple. We are closely united with the same deep-rooted ideas and principles. I think it’s a great alliance, like a horse and a horse and a carriage, a perfect team. ”

The 38 millimeter stainless steel case single lap watch can be matched with Fauve Barenia brown or Noir Box black and capucine Swift orange red leather strap, while the 42 mm stainless steel case single circle watch strap can be matched with Fauve Barenia brown or Noir Box black leather strap. 38 mm stainless steel watchcase watchband double ring Barenia brown, blue Fauve can collocation jean blue, capucine red and orange tain gray Swift leather watchband. The bracelet watch strap with 42 mm stainless steel case collocation Fauve Barenia brown leather watchband. The whole series, each stainless steel case is etched by Hermes signature, and includes a customizable dial and three digital time scales, inspired by Hermes Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace watches.

Hermes limited edition was stolen

On Thursday morning, 1 million euros worth of Hermes packages were stolen, and 6 suspects coercion CAM supplier managers to pack more than 500 Hermes into trucks and drive two vehicles to escape from the scene. The stolen bags are mainly made of leather and canvas, and the retail price ranges from 500-5000 euros.

According to WWD reports, the robbery occurred in France Le Plessis-Bouchard, was a person in the field manager, robbery that the team is very experienced and be prepared. London has been the center of robbery in recent years, but it has recently shifted to Paris. The stolen shops have Colette, Audemars Piguet, De Grisogono and so on.

Last November, Cartier’s French shops were also ransacked, police shooting, and finally caught the robbers and recovered the stolen goods.

Hermes’ sales and earnings have been growing up in 2015

Hermes continues to improve the quality of sales networks worldwide. In 2015, the regional sales are growing, the first 9 months of this year, the Japanese market strong rise (increase of 18%); in Asia outside of Japan market growth (an increase of 5%), although the difficulties encountered in Hongkong and Macao in the mainland sales, Chinese sales still maintain growth; the American market continues to grow (an increase of 7%).

By the end of 2015, the United States Hermes store in Miami opening, Houston and Dallas store extension store renovation; the European market in all stores in the good performance group (by 9%), especially in London after the Bond Street stores and department stores stores Moscow State extension store renovation. Despite the impact of adverse events at the end of the year, France has maintained a substantial increase in sales (6%). Thanks to the extraordinary ability of innovation, sales of all sectors are growing. Leather and saddlery department sales due to the continuous demand and sustained growth (an increase of 13% in France), Izel (Is re) and Hamami Natsurode (Charente-Maritime) two factories open, and Hericourt (H ricourt) a new factory can greatly improve the production capacity. Located in Furlong J Comtede (Franche-Comt) second new plant investment is underway.

Brilliant performance of clothing and accessories department (increase of 8%), mainly due to the success of the new series of clothing, especially the Nad Ge Vanh e-Cybulski’s first line of clothing and fashion accessories, especially footwear products. The silk and textile department (a decrease of 1%) was negatively affected by the adverse events at the end of France and the slowdown in the Greater China market, but it still keeps increasing in other markets.

Hermes will be equipped with electronic delivery certification system in the UK

Hermes will be equipped with Cognito iQ’s electronic delivery certification (ePOD) technical system for its British express and 4500 parcel stores. According to the agreement, the company will install 20 thousand ePOD devices, which will be one of the largest ePOD installations in Europe. Cognito will determine the time and place of parcel delivery to Hermes and its customers using information provided by the region – limited technology. In addition, the software enables Hermes to retain a high quality image, which is photographed by a camera on a handheld device.

Carole Woodhead, chief executive of Hermes, says the company is eager to achieve the first delivery of 100%, which will help the company to achieve this goal. The company is committed to providing high quality delivery experience, so the company will invest more in software to increase its choice and convenience for its customers.

Cooperation with Cognito iQ will make the company acquire the required flexibility and make the navigation route possible, and make the company the first company to provide time window delivery service to the standard parcel customers in the market. In this competitive bidding, Cognito iQ is selected with its cloud based cross platform solution, which supports the scalability required by Hermes. In addition, Cognito iQ’s operational performance management (OPM), combined with Hermes package tracking, will provide real-time delivery display for Hermes and its customers.

Hermes robots can react like people

With the rapid development of robot technology, it is difficult to find out the major milestones in the course of its development. But MIT’s robot Hermes is an important step in the history of robot development. Because its form is completely a robot, its actions and reactions are manipulated by people.

Hermes can feedback its balance and location information in real time, so that human operators can adjust their footsteps and body posture according to feedback information. This has solved one of the most important problems in the present humanoid robot – keeping the bipedal upright. In other words, no matter what terrain you walk or push from behind, Hermes can react like a person.

Another notable thing is Hermes’s hands. Although each hand has only three fingers, it can pick up electric tools, crush a pop can or even pour a cup of coffee. Using the joystick installed on the exoskeleton, the human operator can let the robot pick up things and maintain precise interaction with the surrounding environment, which is just not what the old robot can do.

Feel the charm of French leisure stroll

In order to pursue ever encounter, each Rover must pass through a fantasy by the desire to find their own jungle, ramblers stick, open the door after the strange unknown world.

Hermes gather inspiration since ordinary life, the ingenuity of interpretation of the essence of Paris culture, in the discretion of the liberal arts It is quite common for the city, walking leisurely leisurely in understanding between Yi zhi. Over time and space shuttle, outline the poetic realm of the virtual and real world, let the thoughts wander between Yun Qian, again passes inadvertently minutes drip.

The exhibition by the Bruno Gaudichon Hubert Le Mr. curator, Mr. Gall served as the set design, the two masters in the ingenuity of interpretation of Pegasus products, the perfect interpretation of the essence of Paris culture. At the same time, Hermes also invited a special Chinese artist, Ms. Wen, to participate in the creation of other street art. Each rover will be in walking to realize sustainable Hermes pursuit of dreams and spiritual freedom.

Hermes’s delivery robot was tested on London streets

Hermes express announced that it began testing automatic receiving robots on the streets of London. The autopilot is developed by the Estonia delivery robotic company Starship Technologies, a six – wheeled robot which is mainly used to collect packages.

In some parts of London, Just Eat, the largest foreign seller in the UK, has used the robot to deliver food. The delivery robot is 55 centimeters high, 70 centimeters long, and weighs 18 kilograms, and the speed can reach 6.4 kilometers per hour.

Andy Miah, School of environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford believes that if the delivery robot spreads all over the big cities, there may be some adverse reactions. “At present, there are a lot of pedestrians in big cities,” he said. “Delivery robots are difficult to drive on the streets.”

Hermes express company will be in the control center 2 miles (about 3.2 km) delivery robot used in the range in 30 minutes to a certain number of packages, to test how the robot in the tight turnaround time to complete the task. Each robot can carry a cargo of up to 10 kilograms under the premise of ensuring safety, and the user can use the robot to send the password to the smart phone.

Hermes Public Wechat Number in China

Although Hermes seems to keep a low profile, but the test also means that WeChat has always been strict traditional Hermes an important step forward in the digital way, in order to seek the growth performance, Hermes in domestic electricity suppliers to enter the pace for the industry’s imagination, the first half of this year, Gucci income for the first time to catch up with the hermes.

Some analysts believe that the first time that Hermes has tested WeChat, WeChat has chosen a relatively low price Apple Watch cooperation series, to a certain extent, reflects the group’s consistently cautious attitude and the insistence on developing according to the established rhythm. But as the online trend of luxury goods is becoming more and more obvious, Hermes has begun to accelerate the growth of online sales and has paid more and more attention to the most active online market in China.

If a luxury brand ignores digitalization and contradicts with the needs of consumers, it will face the risk of being eliminated by the industry, which is no matter what the Hermes group of 45 billion 600 million euros should not ignore.

According to the latest survey of Boston consulting organization, the proportion of e-commerce business in the global luxury market is relatively small. It is still a small part of the global luxury market, accounting for only 7% of the total sales of the industry, but it is expected to reach 12% by 2020. There is still much room for development. Sanford C. Bernstein, a securities brokerage company, expects that luxury electric business will grow at a speed of two times the overall luxury industry. Online luxury transaction volume will reach 27 billion euros by 2019.