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Submitted by: Jason Steele

Are you a novice at woodworking or are you a pro looking to get more techniques to improve your skills? Woodworking has been around for thousands of years. Back before you and I where even thought of allot of wood used in each project was wood from their native area. This made it easy to tell where items where made because of the lack of mass transit back then.

The tools and process has defiantly changed with each generation. In the beginning tools consist of items made by the person making something out of wood by hand. In todays world a lot of the furniture you see on the market was made by a machine. The craftsmanship for some items has improved where theres others that degraded. There is nothing better then something that was made by hand from skilled craftsmen.

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With todays technology its easy to get lazy and take shortcuts when it comes to woodworking. Taking shortcuts though can cause the quality of the finished product be less of that if it was made with just using basic tools by hand. There is a misconception that you need massive expensive tools and a huge work area in order to get into woodworking but in fact you just need your standard tools with a standard garage or big enough area to be comfortable.

When it comes to woodworking another great asset any woodworker can have is plans for the project they are working on. Unless you made the specific item countless numbers of times in the past its easy to get off track or make a wrong cut or even miss a step. As they say, measure once and cut twice. There are many websites out there that offer woodworking plans. You can find plans online for just about anything but you have to do some heavy searching for the right plan and then chances are its complete or hard to understand and follow. I know how frustrating this can be. Well let your troubles end for good because I found an excellent source that has over 16,000 woodworking projects. They are all easy to follow and tell you exactly what you need including the type of wood, the amount needed and also the tools and hardware. Its called Teds Woodworking. Ted has years and years of plans complied all onto one site. There are over 150 how-to and tip videos and the site is updated regularly.

Since I have gotten my membership with Teds Woodworking I have never had to do a search on any other site for any of the woodworking projects that have come to mind. In fact I browse the members area for ideas on what to make. I take the woodworking projects I complete to my local flee market and I always end up selling out before I leave. Many people ask me what my source is. I get a lot of surprised looks when I tell them I made everything my self. Im known as the wood master to all the regulars at the flee market.

About the Author: I have a wierd obession with woodworking. Have been buiding anything that comes to mind out of wood. Teds woodworking is by far my favorite source for plans, check out my review blog found at


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