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By Alyssa Davis

One of the most popular decor themes right now is the nautical theme, beloved for its variant textures and crisp colors. There are many interesting and eye-catching accessories for the nautical theme that bring about an adventurous and carefree spirit. Lots of people find an escape in a nautical theme that allows them to leave the stresses of the day behind and feel like they are relaxing on their favorite stretch of sand or sailing with whimsy out on the open water. Let’s look at some wonderful ideas for helping you to create the ideal nautical living room that is both tasteful and that looks ‘put together’.

Color in Nautical Themes

The classical color choice for the nautical theme is a combination of white and blue. Different shades of blue can help you to achieve a different looks. Light blue combined with white and khaki can lend a casual feel while navy blue with white provides a bold contrast that exudes sharp, clean styling.

In the nautical decor theme, khakis, tans, and browns are common colors for furniture, walls, and floors. Consider wooden wall panels, an old wooden chest repurposed for a coffee table, and sea grass rugs. Add even more interest to the color scheme by adding in bold red accents by way of accessories.

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You can conjure instantaneous images of sailboats and sailors by adding in nautical stripes. Incorporating this pattern into the living room via throw pillows or upholstery is a wonderful way to reinforce your nautical theme, or you might consider adding a strip of blue or red ribbon trim to a solid white lamp shade or drapes.

Texture in Nautical Themes

When designing your nautical themed living room, think about the various parts of a sailing ship. Canvas sails, sailor’s rope, wooden plank flooring, fish nets, and other interesting textures abound on the open sea. And while you need not throw each of these elements together in your nautical theme, you can choose items made from canvas, hemp, wood, and other natural textures when selecting furnishings for your living room.

Wooden paneling on the living room walls will exude a sense of being on the interior of a ship, or you might even whitewash the wood to produce the look of a beach house or boatyard. Slip covers for your armchairs or sofa that are made from canvas are many times used in the nautical styled theme. Complement your decor with rugs made from jute, sisal, or sea grass.

Accessories for Nautical Themes

If you are lucky enough to find an antique ship’s wheel or classic sailboat model, this can become a focal point within the nautical living room. Photos or drawings of lighthouses, sailboats, or other nautical-related items can adorn your living room walls.

Treasures found on the seashore are also ideal for displaying in the nautical living room. These don’t have to be authentic items, although they are best, such as sand, beach stones, coral, and shells layered inside a tall vase or other container, or arranged into a shadow box or upon a nautical-themed tray. At the very least, you need patterns and prints that are related to your nautical theme scattered about the room. You might also choose accent pillows that have been embroidered with fish, seashells, and so on, to add a nautical touch to your seating.

Keep in mind a basic fundamental of decorating that states that you should not go overboard by covering every surface with a beach find. For example, an end table that is adorned with a table lamp and a delicate coral or other authentic beach find will look more natural than an entire coral collection poised on the table. Minimalistic is always best, especially when going for the nautical theme.

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