Hermes Public Wechat Number in China

Although Hermes seems to keep a low profile, but the test also means that WeChat has always been strict traditional Hermes an important step forward in the digital way, in order to seek the growth performance, Hermes in domestic electricity suppliers to enter the pace for the industry’s imagination, the first half of this year, Gucci income for the first time to catch up with the hermes.

Some analysts believe that the first time that Hermes has tested WeChat, WeChat has chosen a relatively low price Apple Watch cooperation series, to a certain extent, reflects the group’s consistently cautious attitude and the insistence on developing according to the established rhythm. But as the online trend of luxury goods is becoming more and more obvious, Hermes has begun to accelerate the growth of online sales and has paid more and more attention to the most active online market in China.

If a luxury brand ignores digitalization and contradicts with the needs of consumers, it will face the risk of being eliminated by the industry, which is no matter what the Hermes group of 45 billion 600 million euros should not ignore.

According to the latest survey of Boston consulting organization, the proportion of e-commerce business in the global luxury market is relatively small. It is still a small part of the global luxury market, accounting for only 7% of the total sales of the industry, but it is expected to reach 12% by 2020. There is still much room for development. Sanford C. Bernstein, a securities brokerage company, expects that luxury electric business will grow at a speed of two times the overall luxury industry. Online luxury transaction volume will reach 27 billion euros by 2019.

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