Hermes’ sales and earnings have been growing up in 2015

Hermes continues to improve the quality of sales networks worldwide. In 2015, the regional sales are growing, the first 9 months of this year, the Japanese market strong rise (increase of 18%); in Asia outside of Japan market growth (an increase of 5%), although the difficulties encountered in Hongkong and Macao in the mainland sales, Chinese sales still maintain growth; the American market continues to grow (an increase of 7%).

By the end of 2015, the United States Hermes store in Miami opening, Houston and Dallas store extension store renovation; the European market in all stores in the good performance group (by 9%), especially in London after the Bond Street stores and department stores stores Moscow State extension store renovation. Despite the impact of adverse events at the end of the year, France has maintained a substantial increase in sales (6%). Thanks to the extraordinary ability of innovation, sales of all sectors are growing. Leather and saddlery department sales due to the continuous demand and sustained growth (an increase of 13% in France), Izel (Is re) and Hamami Natsurode (Charente-Maritime) two factories open, and Hericourt (H ricourt) a new factory can greatly improve the production capacity. Located in Furlong J Comtede (Franche-Comt) second new plant investment is underway.

Brilliant performance of clothing and accessories department (increase of 8%), mainly due to the success of the new series of clothing, especially the Nad Ge Vanh e-Cybulski’s first line of clothing and fashion accessories, especially footwear products. The silk and textile department (a decrease of 1%) was negatively affected by the adverse events at the end of France and the slowdown in the Greater China market, but it still keeps increasing in other markets.

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