Hermes’s delivery robot was tested on London streets

Hermes express announced that it began testing automatic receiving robots on the streets of London. The autopilot is developed by the Estonia delivery robotic company Starship Technologies, a six – wheeled robot which is mainly used to collect packages.

In some parts of London, Just Eat, the largest foreign seller in the UK, has used the robot to deliver food. The delivery robot is 55 centimeters high, 70 centimeters long, and weighs 18 kilograms, and the speed can reach 6.4 kilometers per hour.

Andy Miah, School of environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford believes that if the delivery robot spreads all over the big cities, there may be some adverse reactions. “At present, there are a lot of pedestrians in big cities,” he said. “Delivery robots are difficult to drive on the streets.”

Hermes express company will be in the control center 2 miles (about 3.2 km) delivery robot used in the range in 30 minutes to a certain number of packages, to test how the robot in the tight turnaround time to complete the task. Each robot can carry a cargo of up to 10 kilograms under the premise of ensuring safety, and the user can use the robot to send the password to the smart phone.