Hermes will be equipped with electronic delivery certification system in the UK

Hermes will be equipped with Cognito iQ’s electronic delivery certification (ePOD) technical system for its British express and 4500 parcel stores. According to the agreement, the company will install 20 thousand ePOD devices, which will be one of the largest ePOD installations in Europe. Cognito will determine the time and place of parcel delivery to Hermes and its customers using information provided by the region – limited technology. In addition, the software enables Hermes to retain a high quality image, which is photographed by a camera on a handheld device.

Carole Woodhead, chief executive of Hermes, says the company is eager to achieve the first delivery of 100%, which will help the company to achieve this goal. The company is committed to providing high quality delivery experience, so the company will invest more in software to increase its choice and convenience for its customers.

Cooperation with Cognito iQ will make the company acquire the required flexibility and make the navigation route possible, and make the company the first company to provide time window delivery service to the standard parcel customers in the market. In this competitive bidding, Cognito iQ is selected with its cloud based cross platform solution, which supports the scalability required by Hermes. In addition, Cognito iQ’s operational performance management (OPM), combined with Hermes package tracking, will provide real-time delivery display for Hermes and its customers.