Everyone wants to have hermes

To say the bag of Hermes every woman wants to have (Hermes) “Bergkamp” package is definitely on the list, but because of the expensive price also let many people flinch. But recently, a report from the PETA (protected animal organization) has made the Hermes Birkin pack a “trouble” to rename it.

The most important reason is that it is the Muse of Jane Birkin (Jane Birkin) informed (Hermes) for the production of these hermes handbags and kill the crocodile after slaughter, for Hermes (Hermes) crocodile bag markings removed “Birkin Croco”, and issued a statement calling his name removed.

This is undoubtedly the biggest “crisis public relations” that Hermes has ever faced. In fact, the fashion circle and animal protection organizations between the scores of rivers and lakes “has not one or two times, end of fashion week every year, people wearing fur being splashed with paint, but as people’s awareness of environmental protection and animal is increasing, more and more designers are no longer the cruel beauty to people, but this a PETA will be targeting the Hermes (Hermes) and the slaughter of crocodile films and added in the official website of PETA, finally lead to the name” Mousika “Jane Birkin note that staged a” good and evil “of the war.

Of course, Hermes (Hermes) group is also the spirit of “I pointed it money heart to respond, said the feeling of understanding and respect Jane Birkin and her opinion is not friendship and trust cooperation for many years, also said the video appears in the slaughterhouse does not belong to the horse Shi (Hermes), but also on the factory the emergence of the incident investigation.

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