Sunday, November 19, 2006

Led by Nizar Rayan, a senior Hamas fighter, hundreds of Palestinian refugees gathered to protect the house of the leader of a militant group in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza and succeeded in thwarting an Israeli attack.

As part of their campaign against Palestinian fighters, Israeli forces had warned Mohammedweil Baroud, a commander in the Popular Resistance Committee, that his house would be attacked in 30 minutes time. He was told to take his family out of the house in order to avoid civilian casualties. Instead, he called for help from the local mosque and people swarmed round and over Mr Baroud’s house in such numbers as to dissuade the Israelis from making the promised attack.

The Palestinians claimed this to have been the first successful defence of its kind. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, visiting the house, said that people had been driven to this remedy because the UN had refused to defend them. On Friday, the Security Council vetoed a resolution condemning Israeli military action in Gaza. Nizar Rayan promised “We will pay with our lives to protect the houses of the fighters, so they can resist the enemy, assured their homes are being protected”.

On November 8, an Israeli shell killed 19 civilians in Beit Hanoun, due to, what the Israelis called, a “technical fault in targeting”.

An Israeli spokesman said that Israeli forces differentiate between innocent people and “terrorists” and that they would continue the attacks.

A Palestinian rocket killed an Israeli woman and seriously wounded a man in the town of Sderot on November 15. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president has called for a ceasefire by those launching rockets and suicide attacks against Israel and the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad is said to be considering this request carefully. Over 400 Palestinians, including many civilians, have been killed since June by attacks, which Israel says are aimed at Palestinian fighters.

By Alyssa Davis

One of the most popular decor themes right now is the nautical theme, beloved for its variant textures and crisp colors. There are many interesting and eye-catching accessories for the nautical theme that bring about an adventurous and carefree spirit. Lots of people find an escape in a nautical theme that allows them to leave the stresses of the day behind and feel like they are relaxing on their favorite stretch of sand or sailing with whimsy out on the open water. Let’s look at some wonderful ideas for helping you to create the ideal nautical living room that is both tasteful and that looks ‘put together’.

Color in Nautical Themes

The classical color choice for the nautical theme is a combination of white and blue. Different shades of blue can help you to achieve a different looks. Light blue combined with white and khaki can lend a casual feel while navy blue with white provides a bold contrast that exudes sharp, clean styling.

In the nautical decor theme, khakis, tans, and browns are common colors for furniture, walls, and floors. Consider wooden wall panels, an old wooden chest repurposed for a coffee table, and sea grass rugs. Add even more interest to the color scheme by adding in bold red accents by way of accessories.

YouTube Preview Image

You can conjure instantaneous images of sailboats and sailors by adding in nautical stripes. Incorporating this pattern into the living room via throw pillows or upholstery is a wonderful way to reinforce your nautical theme, or you might consider adding a strip of blue or red ribbon trim to a solid white lamp shade or drapes.

Texture in Nautical Themes

When designing your nautical themed living room, think about the various parts of a sailing ship. Canvas sails, sailor’s rope, wooden plank flooring, fish nets, and other interesting textures abound on the open sea. And while you need not throw each of these elements together in your nautical theme, you can choose items made from canvas, hemp, wood, and other natural textures when selecting furnishings for your living room.

Wooden paneling on the living room walls will exude a sense of being on the interior of a ship, or you might even whitewash the wood to produce the look of a beach house or boatyard. Slip covers for your armchairs or sofa that are made from canvas are many times used in the nautical styled theme. Complement your decor with rugs made from jute, sisal, or sea grass.

Accessories for Nautical Themes

If you are lucky enough to find an antique ship’s wheel or classic sailboat model, this can become a focal point within the nautical living room. Photos or drawings of lighthouses, sailboats, or other nautical-related items can adorn your living room walls.

Treasures found on the seashore are also ideal for displaying in the nautical living room. These don’t have to be authentic items, although they are best, such as sand, beach stones, coral, and shells layered inside a tall vase or other container, or arranged into a shadow box or upon a nautical-themed tray. At the very least, you need patterns and prints that are related to your nautical theme scattered about the room. You might also choose accent pillows that have been embroidered with fish, seashells, and so on, to add a nautical touch to your seating.

Keep in mind a basic fundamental of decorating that states that you should not go overboard by covering every surface with a beach find. For example, an end table that is adorned with a table lamp and a delicate coral or other authentic beach find will look more natural than an entire coral collection poised on the table. Minimalistic is always best, especially when going for the nautical theme.

About the Author: Alyssa Davis writes and designs for and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with trees leaves modern metal art and palm trees metal wall sculptures.


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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wednesday at 2:30pm Chicago local time, a goat’s head was delivered for Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts at his office in Wrigley Field. The head was dropped off at Gate K by the unidentified male driver of a van, reportedly not by a member of the United States Postal Service.

The Chicago Police were notified of the incident, and are investigating. The driver of the truck was recorded on surveillance video.

In 1945, when the Cubs last competed in Major League Baseball’s World Series, Chicago restaurant owner Billy Sianis was ejected from Wrigley Field during the World Series after trying to bring a goat into the stadium. Following the incident, Sianis is alleged to have cursed the team, vowing they would never win the championship again. The incident has become part of Chicago Cubs’ fan lore.

The day of the incident, the Chicago Cubs game versus the Milwuakee Brewers was postponed due to weather. The Cubs organization is also in negotiations with the city of Chicago over possible renovations to Wrigley Field.

1300 Face Lift Specialist s Advice onthe Recovery Period



Mini facelift specialists like 1300 Face Lift would usually offer plenty of advice to you as patient on any particular facelift procedure, and how long the expected recovery period would be. It is generally not uncommon to find doctors prescribe a host of medication in order to help prevent infection from setting in. This is due to swelling and other issues cropping up from time to time once a facelift procedure was carried out.

The medicine prescribed would include anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics, and other forms of pain relievers. The purpose of the antibiotics would be to help prevent infections while the anti-inflammatory medications would help to get the swelling to subside. Pain relievers on the other hand would ease any discomfort associated with a facelift.

YouTube Preview Image

Specialists at 1300 Face Lift would highlight just how important the prescription being subscribed are to their patients. This is especially the case with regards to antibiotics that must be taken for a set amount of time using the right dosage. Certain repercussions may creep in with regards to infection if the dosage taken happens to be wrong, or when it is not taken at the right times. The actual infection may worsen or even mutate, which is something a patient can ill afford to happen.

Facelift specialists such as 1300 Face Lift would generally prescribe a very good anti-inflammatory to help eliminate the tissues from swelling due to the effects of the operation. If unchecked, prolonged swelling can result in some serious medical issues and be of great concern to those affected by it. It is advised that a cold or warm compress be place on the affected areas as it will help ease any discomfort experienced from the swelling and bruising.

A lot of the pain or aching can be minimised using either a hot or cold compress. It all depends on what the professionals would recommend. Another piece of advice given to the patient would be for them to refrain from touching their face, especially areas that have just undergone an operation. By constantly touching the affected area, the patient increases his or her chances of contracting infection which may lead to scars if it so happen that they accidently move the incisions that were made by the facelift procedure.

Mini facelift specialists like 1300 Face Lift have a host of tips and advice up their sleeves that will help patients recover so much faster. By following their advice, patients will minimize any potential hazards and recover much quicker.

At 1300 Face Lift, our mission is to see to it that all our patients encounter only the best results and care by ensuring they receive the highest quality treatment using modern technology. The self-contained world class facility we use is in place to control quality, and ensure that the privacy and budgetary requirements of our patients are taken into consideration at any given time. Visit our website at

or call us on 1300 FACELIFT.

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

The German Anarchist Pogo Party ran a campaign ad (Download hereNSFW) which, instead of discussing the party’s politics, featured various party scenes set to a heavy metal soundtrack. The spot included revellers smashing furniture, pouring beer down each other’s throats, and women dancing topless. The spot ends with the proclamation: “My vote for the rubbish”.

The ARD refused to air the ad because it “violates the human dignity” and showed only a heavily censored version at an earlier airtime. The Party then sued the station and got an injuction by an appeal court in Münster only minutes before the next ad was due, forcing the ARD to air the spot uncensored, right before their evening news flagship.

The ad has offended a number of people, but has likely gained the party nationwide attention among its younger demographics who could access campaign websites online ( The Hamburg-based APPD and every other party is entitled by law to free television airtime on Germany’s public TV Station ARD and ZDF for its advertisements because it is an officially registered political party competing for the upcoming federal elections. Its next ad is scheduled for Monday night, although broadcasting authorities may again censor the ad.

The party has a membership of approximately 750 — German newspapers posit that the ads will have little impact on the upcoming election.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A reporter from Wikinews recently interviewed Jim Babka, chair of Libertarian organization Downsize DC. The organization claims to have arranged for 22,158 people to send a message regarding the “American Freedom Agenda Act” proposed by Ron Paul, in addition to supporting many other laws. The full text of the interview can be found below.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The following is the fourth edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the vice presidential nominee of the Reform Party is revealed; those attacked in a high profile campaign speech respond; and Wikinews interviews an economist seeking the presidency a second time.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Reform Party vice presidential nominee confirmed
  • 3 Alt-rightists respond to Clinton speech
  • 4 Wikinews interviews economist again running for president
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Is Buying A Rent-to-Own Car A Feasible Option?


Alan Hendricks

A poor credit score can become a lingering nightmare and affect numerous aspects of your life. If you are credit-challenged and wish to purchase a car, getting an auto loan approval may seem like a tedious task. However, rent-to-own cars have gained significant popularity amongst those with a bad credit score. Typically, a rent-to-own car means renting and using the car from a dealership whilst paying a down payment and making weekly payments. Once you have completed the weekly payments of the car, the ownership of the rent-to-own car shifts to you, the buyer. As the dealer requires no significant credit check for the purchase of the car, many credit-challenged individuals turn to rent-to-own cars. Although they may seem like a lucrative option, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

What are the Downsides of a Rent-to-Own Car?

1) Expensive Purchase

When the dealer lines up used cars under rent-to-own category, he marks them higher than other cars. As no interest rates are charged on rent-to-own cars, he tries to make a profit through sale of the car. Therefore, purchasing a rent-to-own car means paying more to own a used car with a lower resale value.

YouTube Preview Image

2) Frequent Payment Schedule

The payment schedule associated with a rent-to-own car is more frequent as compared to a used car. The dealer requires you to make weekly payments as against the regular monthly payments on a used car. Due to frequent payments, it can become difficult to keep tracks of payments, thereby, attracting the possibility of a late payment fee.

3) No Effect on Credit Score

Regardless of your timely payments, your credit score will not improve due to a rent-to-own car. With the purchase of a regular used car, the ability to increase your credit score is a possibility. However, with the purchase of a rent-to-own car, the payments do not reflect on your credit report and will not help in improving your credit score.

4) Absence of Warranties

There are no warranties on rent-to-own cars. As you use the cars, the probability of a breakdown is higher than a regular used car. Therefore, any repairs, damages and breakdowns are your responsibility as a buyer of a rent-to-own car.

Is there an Alternative Option?

If you do not wish to buy a rent-to-own car, you can still avail a bad credit auto loan to purchase a regular used car. The advantage with purchasing a regular used car is that monthly payments can help you structure your finances and warranties can shield your car from any potential future damages. Thus, purchasing a used car can provide greater benefits in the long run.

A damaged credit score does not necessarily mean that you should opt for a rent-to-own car. The downsides of purchasing the car include expensive purchases, frequent payment schedules, little or no effect on your credit score and absence of warranties. The good news is that purchasing a regular used car with a bad credit auto loan is a suitable alternative.

EZ Auto Finance helps you to make a quick car purchase with

bad credit auto loans

. Get ready to buy a reliable used car and improve your credit score. Work with America’s favorite

used car loan

specialist and buy a car now.

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

The National Institute on the Media and the Family (NIMF), a media watchdog group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota issued a “nationwide parental alert” today. This came after finding out about hidden sex scenes in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The game also has been criticised as being too violent. This is not limited to San Andreas: the entire series has come under fire for its content, mostly the last two games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The sex scenes come in the form of a “mini-game” in which the player controls the male with the task of maximising his cohort’s “excitment.” The hidden game in GTA: San Andreas is not advertised or easy to find but can be unlocked by modifying the game using a program which has been widely available on the Internet for weeks. But for NIMF and the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), the organization which rates video games and rated GTA: San Andreas ‘M’ for Mature, the hidden mini-game came as a surprise. As such, the ESRB has launched an investigation into the matter.

To unlock the hidden sex mini-game on the Playstation 2 requires an Action Replay or Gameshark. These devices cannot transfer new content to a console but can enable content already contained on the game disc. The presence of this minigame on an unmodified retail version implies that it was created by the game’s creators rather than hackers or the mod community.

Rockstar Games, the game’s publisher, refused to comment on whether the sex scenes were inserted by their programmers. Rockstar Games has also said, “We thoroughly support the work of the ESRB, and believe that it has an exemplary record of rating games and promoting understanding of video game content. We also feel confident that the investigation will uphold the original rating of the game, as the work of the mod community is beyond the scope of either publishers or the ESRB.”

In the game the character may have girlfriends, and at a certain point in his stats he can entertain his girlfriend with some “coffee”. However, the “hot coffee” modification unlocks the secret sex scenes after the two share a drink.

The sex scene portrays oral sex and coitus, but genitals are not shown. A video of the secret sex scene can be found here[1] (warning: contains mature content).

It’s interesting to note that modifying a video game’s source code is a violation of the software licensing agreement. Rockstar announced that it may pursue legal proceedings against Action Replay, whose device enables the hacking of the console version of San Andreas. When it comes right down to it, its much easier (and quicker) to find free adult content on the internet, or download pornographic movies from a P2P network, than it is to crack a video game.

Rockstar Games may be subject to a Mandatory Recall.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

In the first space flight of 2007, Space Shuttle Atlantis blasted off on schedule yesterday, starting on an 11-day mission to the International Space Station.

Atlantis and its seven astronauts lifted off at 7:38 p.m. EDT (2338 GMT) from the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The launch pad, newly refurbished by NASA, had not been used since the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia, which ended in disaster on Feb. 1, 2003. Atlantis is scheduled to dock with the space station at around 1930 GMT tomorrow.

The goal for the Atlantis crew is to carry out the two missions that were left incomplete from the previous flight due to broken and jammed equipments. During the flight, the shuttle and its seven astronauts will deliver a new segment and will install energy-producing solar panels to the International Space Station. The payload is the heaviest ever flown to the space station, and includes a 45-foot (14-meter), 35,678-pound (16,183 kilogram) aluminium segment that will become part of the station’s superstructure.

The mission, STS-117 has been dogged by trouble. It was scheduled to launch in March, but a hailstorm in February damaged the orange external fuel tank, so the shuttle had to be rolled back into the Vehicle Assembly Building for repairs. After repairs, the tank had white specks visible in the orange insulation, and there was some concern over whether the insulation would hold. Falling foam insulation was blamed for the Columbia crash, in which all seven astronauts aboard were killed.

But yesterday’s launch appeared to be flawless. “Give me more speckled tanks,” the shuttle program manager, N. Wayne Hale Jr., was quoted as saying.

The delay in the launch of Atlantis also pushed back other missions.

NASA faced a scandal earlier in the year when one of its astronauts, Lisa Nowak, was fired after being charged in the attempted kidnapping of a fellow astronaut, William Oefelein, with whom she had been having an affair.

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