Hermes Wonderland Tour

From November 8, 2017 to December 3rd, Hermes (Hermes) will hold a “tour of Leila Manshari in Wonderland Hermes France Paris The Grand Palace (Le La Menchari her) dream world” exhibition.

“Draw your dreams.” In Paris, Saint Honore Street No. 24, Hermes (Hermes) director Anne Bommel (Annie Beaumel) window design of Leila Manshari (Le La Menchari, said her). The above dialogue took place in 1961, Leila Manshari (Le La Menchari her) was born and raised in Tunisia, is still there to study art. Leila Manshari (Le La Menchari her) was a famous Academy of Fine Arts study in Paris.

This year can be seen as Leila Manshari (Le La in her Menchari) Hermes (Hermes) the occupation starting point. From 1978 to 2013, she designed and produced several fine theme windows for Hermes, and she was also working with the silk color Committee.

In this exhibition, Natalie Kliniye (Nathalie Crini re) exhibit eight scenes, leading the audience to explore Leila Manshari (her Le laMenchari) with the art world.